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Terms and Conditions

1. Your contract comes into effect on the date of issue of your booking confirmation/invoice. In the case of telesales, the contract comes into effect when credit card details are taken.

2. We act as agents for EETC, the train operators and are governed by the law of agency.

3. When you make a reservation with us you will need to pay at least a deposit. If we accept your deposit and we can confirm the suitability and availability of the services you require we will issue our confirmation invoice. Your contract with us incorporates the terms set out here and elsewhere. The contract between us comes into force on the fourth day after the date when the confirmation invoice was sent to you. If you do not wish to be bound to our terms and wish to cancel your reservation you must notify us by recorded delivery or email within four days of the date when the notification invoice was posted to you. If we receive such notification from you we shall refund any money paid to us in respect of the reservation for the Motorail. Should we deliver your confirmation and the rail operators tell us of lack of availability we will inform you as soon as possible and work with you to find a solution, but we are not liable should your booking not be available. We are usually informed no later than 48 hours from when the initial booking is sent across.

4. Railsavers act as the agent of the transport operators shown in our literature and website. When you contact us to book your holiday you appoint us to act as your agent contacting transport and other services on your behalf for which we may receive commission. Railsavers as agent for the transport operators accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising from the acts or omissions of the transport operators or any matters connected with cross channel transport or Motorail.

5. Payments: you, the client, must pay the balance of the total price not later than 10 weeks, before the date of departure. If not, Railsavers reserve the right to cancel the entire booking in which case the scale of the cancellation charges shown in paragraph 6 will apply. Fares are charged by the rail operator in Euros.  Present calculations are based on a rate of £1 = €1.15. It may be necessary to amend the ticket cost either upwards or downwards at the time of payment.

6. Cancellations must be notified to Railsavers in writing or by email, sent recorded delivery, and will be effective from the date received. In the event of cancellation by you we will retain your deposit and in addition may apply cancellation charges up to the amount shown below:

Amount of notice you give us before the scheduled departure date.

More than 56 days .....................................
29-56 Days .................................................
15-28 Days .................................................
1-14 Days ....................................................

Cancellation Charges (Plus loss of  initial deposit)


No refunds are made by us for cancellations on or after the day of the departure.

Please note: If you have made a return booking and you wish to cancel the outward or return part of your journey, the cancellation charges above will be applied. However, if you cancel either the outward or return part of the journey 57 or more days before departure, a £60 cancellation fee will be applied. In all instances, where the return part of the journey is cancelled, the outward date of travel will determine the cancellation fee to be applied.

7. A late booking is a booking made within 6 weeks of the departure date and for which full payment of the total price is required on booking. In the event of you cancelling a late booking, you will indemnify us in accordance with the cancellation charges set out above.

8. After your booking has been accepted should you wish to make any material changes or alteration to your booking we shall do our utmost to satisfy your requirements. We do however reserve the right to charge an amendment fee of £30 per change made. If you notify us within 8 weeks of your departure date that you wish to transfer to a new departure date then amendment charges will apply as set out above and there may be a difference in price. We require that personal insurance cover is taken in order to protect you and your party from unforeseen difficulties that may cause cancellation.

9. Tickets are issued as part of the total package and partial refunds cannot be considered in any respect. Tickets can only be issued against payment in full.

10. Operators- the train operators reserve the right at any time prior to departure to vary prices or amend your booking in any way. This includes but is not limited to timetable changes, destination changes and carriage changes. At all times the train operator will make a reasonable endeavour to inform you of the changes in writing but this may not always be possible.

11. Additional charges: At all times, the rail operators reserve the right to separately or additionally charge the passenger any unforeseen levies, taxes, costs or surcharges imposed by the government, central and local authorities, national and international railway operators and infrastructure managers. The rail operators reserve the right to cancel the train journey up to four weeks before the scheduled departure date. In that case, the passenger will receive a full refund of the pre-paid ticket price.

12. Vehicles and motorcycles must comply with the manufacturers’ specifications and must be in good running order. Overall height, we have limited ‘high car’ space of up to 1.69m for Livorno & 1.71 for Alessandria and Koper. Please mention to us when booking a vehicle over 1.55m and up to 1.71m. However cars towing trailers are subject to an overall height limit of 1.55m (5’0 ½”) Cars must have a ground clearance of not less than 0.10m (4”) and a track width not exceeding 1.85m (6’).


Vintage Cars: Can be accepted on Motorail services on application.

The carrier reserves the right to refuse any vehicle at the loading point and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that vehicles are within the quoted acceptable dimensions.

13. Sleeping conditions are as follows:
A maximum of three people from one party/family are allowed in sleeper compartments.
Couchettes; four and six berth are also offered for sole occupancy but individuals can also purchase a berth in shared and mixed compartments. In these team compartments you are not separated according to sex.

14. Loading and collection of vehicles: Loading times for vehicles do not necessarily correspond to the time at which passengers may board the train. Please refer to your tickets. N.B. Vehicles must be collected on their day of arrival.

15. Changes to train service schedules are beyond our control and Railsavers cannot accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience to you or your party as a result. No claim for damage to vehicles will be entertained by the Motorail operator unless adequate insurance has been taken out AND the incident was reported to the railway authorities before the vehicle is removed from the station in question. Written confirmation of such authority should be dealt with directly through the Motorail operator.

16. Your contract with us is subject to the terms and conditions of carriage imposed by the Cross Channel Ferry companies, Eurotunnel, Fastcraft companies, and rail operators. Passengers, their baggage, vehicles and effects are carried on transport subject to the regulations and conditions of carriage imposed by the conditions of carriage imposed by the EETC (Euro-Express-Train-Charter) within Slovenia and Italy.

17. Tickets for travel within France are subject to the appropriate section of the French Civil Code and the Code of Commerce. We cannot accept liability to you or your party for any loss or damage accident death or injury arising from the acts or omissions of the independent contractors providing transport services. Changes to ferry and train service schedules are beyond our control and we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience to you or your party as a result.

18. Applications for refunds for alleged failure, or non-performance of the contract must be submitted in writing to the issuing office within 28 days after the date of travel. You must obtain a suitable endorsement of the ticket by an appropriate representative of the carrier either on board the train, at the destination station or from the train operator’s representative in Den Bosch and enclose this endorsed ticket with your application.

19. A traveller who enters into a contract of carriage on behalf or for another traveller or travellers is jointly and severally liable for all obligations that ensue from this. The other travellers are each liable for their own part. The traveller referred to in the invoice is obliged to make known relevant personal circumstances of the other travellers and themselves which may have an influence on the implementation of the contract of carriage (such as age, disability etc) at the time of application.

20. This contract and all matters arising from it are governed by English Law. Invoices are issued on an E & O.E. basis.

November 2013. E&OE

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