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There are few cities in the world that evoke such feelings of wonder and amazement as Venice. 

Founded in the 5th century and spread over 118 small islands, Venice became a major maritime power in the 10th century. The whole city is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in which even the smallest building contains works by some of the world's greatest artists such as Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and others.

Not only does the city shimmer with the water, it is also steeped in history and possesses some of the world’s finest works of art. With palaces, churches, galleries and architectural splendour in abundance, Venice is a treasure trove waiting for you to delve in.

With canals instead of streets and boats instead of buses, this unique city is a ‘must-see’. There are six districts that make up the city, with San Marco containing the main sites. The bohemian-chic Dorsoduro, to the south, is crammed with hidden treasures while Cannaregio, in the north, is also well worth a visit.

While all this magic goes on around you, remember that daily life goes on in this city too – commuters wait for water-buses, dustmen collect rubbish in refuse boats and deliveries get sent to the markets.

Venice – wake up in a city that never stops dreaming.

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